02.04.14 {How-to} get the perfect curls

We’ve has lots of ladies ask how our long-time model, Courtney, gets her bountiful curls- so we thought we’d share! No matter her ever-changing hair color, she doesn’t like to leave the house without her curls in place.image

For her natural hair type (straight with a little frizz), Court usually tries to wash her hair the night before & let it air dry. She gets a longer lasting curl that way. For today, she blow-dried her hair. image


Court has tried every hairspray & curling iron under the sun. The two must-haves in her curl routine are the Hot Tools Nano Tapered Iron with a 1 1/4” barrel & Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairsprayimage


{STEP ONE} One section at a time.

To make sure no strands of hair are missed, she likes to section her hair off into 3 different layers with either a hair tie or clip. She starts from the bottom & works her way up!


{STEP TWO} Get to curling.

Court sections her hair off into 2” sections for each curl. Starting from the  widest part of the barrel & at the root, she wraps her hair back away from her face.


After a large section is done, she gives a little spritz of hairspray to hold the curls. image

 REPEAT with each section until complete!




Courtney believes the more volume, the better. If you need a little more volume, she recommends a teasing comb!

{STEP THREE} Hold your breath & get to spraying.

Give your locks a good spray all over. The Big Sexy Hairspray works wonders & she doesn’t usually need a touch up during the day unless there is a torrential downpour.



Hope this helps!

XOXO Page 6 Ladies


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