DIY Decor

The holidays are here and we all know party decor can be pretty daunting.

Luckily we have a beautifully rustic piece that you can use on your mantle, as a centerpiece or just for a little ambiance in any room of your house!

This is honestly the easiest craft we have ever found on Pinterest. You only need 3 things:

Candles of any size

Sticks from your yard

and a hot glue gun

First, break your sticks into a manageable size. It’s best if you have various sizes and thicknesses so it looks a little more organic.

Then just start glueing! Put your hot glue on the flattest part of the stick and push them against the glass until it seems firmly adhered.

Continue this until the entire candle holder is covered, and you’re done!

Have a fabulous holiday and we hope this is helpful!




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