-Same Clothing – Different Styles –

Hello everyone!!!

So todays blog is going to be based on Page 6 clothing and how many different ways you can style each piece! The style of clothing that we carry def. has a range but we think its perfectly acceptable considering most people have a range of different styles in their own closet. Not to mention, our customer base also reflects the same type of age range as well!

So here are a couple of outfits that we had the girls style THEMSELVES based on their favorite style we carry here at Page 6 Boutique.

I gave all 3 girls ( Catie Beth, Court & Nat ) our Ellison Tunic – Magenta and told them to style it.

Here is what we got:


Catie Beth is our “Preppy Bombshell” meaning she tends to favor the brighter colors, crisp lines & classic silhouette. Not to mention she looks perfect in iconic prints for example chevron, geometric & Nautical Themes.


Here she paired the Ellison Tunic – Magenta with our

Basic Black Leggings

-All Stripes Cardigan

-Lidi Necklace

-Sandy Desert Headband

-Wedged Toms (That can be found in our Baxter location)


“I have an obsession with stripes! I think the Creme and Black go perfectly with the Magenta Top. Turquoise goes with everything and I love how it adds a pop of color to my outfit!” – Catie Beth


Courtney, one of our “Blonde Bombshells” here at Page 6 Boutique has the Boho Chic style. Every morning when Court comes into work she def makes a fashion statement. Every piece of her clothing comes together perfectly. Boho Chic combines organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspired pieces with simple, modern pieces.


Court styled the Ellison Tunic – Magenta with

-Nora Cardigan

-Vintage denim from her own archives

-Jopplin Floppy Hat

-Turquoise Marquee Necklace

-Cowboy Boots of her own

Did she not style this tunic to perfection or what?!

“I cannot get enough fringe. I’m more prone to buy a piece that has good fringe. This cardigan has just the right amount & is so comfy. I’m totally not a pink person. I usually stay away from the color at all costs, but this deep magenta makes such a fabulous statement especially paired with the blue in the cardigan. When it comes to denim- the more holes, the better. I love the well-worn look.” – Courtney


Natalie, another “Blonde Bombshell” here at Page 6 loves to go snowboarding and wake boarding adding a little edge and athleticism to her Boho Chic self. She can wear any color and looks amazing.

When Nat was given the Ellison Tunic she raced for the

– Coco Skirt

-Lexi Belt – Brown

-Her own pair of tights

-Her own cowboy boots


“I love the colors and textures of this outfit. Just because its getting colder doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a high waisted skirt and tights. Its fun AND flirty!” – Natalie

I gave the Nonstop Dress a shot and wanted to see what the girls could put together with it and the results are fabulous!


Catie Beth loves styling AND wearing vests! I think she def prepped up her outfit by mixing and matching a vest with a dress! Although the dress is neutral I think that the plaid vest helps complete the look!

Pictured above:

-Nonstop Dress – Grey

-Buffalo Plaid Vest

-Golden Leaf Necklace

-TOMS Wedges (Can be found at our Baxter location)


“I am vest obsessed! The Buffalo Plaid Vest stole my heart and I love that you can style it so many different ways! The Nonstop Dress lets you go pretty much anywhere with your look, so I went to the preppy side by adding the vest and this statement necklace!” – Catie Beth


When Court styles something you can expect the outfit to be perfection from head to toe. I love how not only is the cardigan complimenting the dress but how the belt brings the entire outfit together! She wanted to wear the Nonstop Dress in Green according to the color scheme she was aiming for!


-Nonstop Dress – Green

-Rayen Cardigan

-Amelia Belt

-Gold Tribe Necklace

-Laurel Bracelets

-Her own colored tights

-Her own cowboy boots


“Layering is everything to me. No matter the weather, I always find a way to layer— whether it’s with my jewelry, clothing or other accessories. More is always more in my book. I adore the fringe {obviously} & the back detailing on this cardigan. The belt is gorgeous & adds that feminine silhouette I think most everyone would need with the layers. The dress is a basic that is so versatile— it’s totally a must in every woman’s wardrobe!” – Courtney


When I gave Nat the Nonstop Dress – Grey she immediately went for the Nora cardigan! She makes this look so comfortable right?! She had so much fun styling this dress and was ready to style the next!


She styled the Nonstop Dress – Grey with

-Nora Cardigan

-Basic Black Leggings

-Lidi Necklace

-Her own cowboy boots

“My GO-TO is casual and comfortable but why not look cute doing it? I enjoy pairing darker colors and fringe in the Winter because who doesn’t love fringe?” – Natalie


I really hope that this helps for now and the future when your questioning if you could ever wear a piece from Page 6 Boutique again! YOU TOTALLY CAN!

If you your in a tiff and have any questions on what to style a certain piece with or you don’t know what to wear in general to a shindig make sure you shoot us over an email at page6marketing@gmail.com

Until next time ladies!




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