Valentines Day Oreo Pops


Valentines Day is almost here! I like to bake and DIY projects on cute little holidays like this! This year I decided to try these Oreo Pops….I mean who doesn’t love Oreos? This cute little treat is very easy and takes about 10 minutes after you have all of the necessities.

Here’s what you’ll need :

1 Pack of Vanilla Oreos ( I suggest getting actual Oreos instead of the off-brand just because it doesn’t taste the same )


1 pack of sucker sticks ( In our case the grocery store was out of the sucker sticks so we went with coffee stirrers )


1 or 2 containers of Pink icing is what WE used. ( It called for Pink meltable chocolate hearts but here at the warehouse we don’t have a burner so icing is totally fine as a substitute )


1 cup of colorful Sprinkles



Now here is how you start your treat project 🙂

Take one of your coffee stirrers/sucker sticks and slide it in between the cookies and into the icing to make the foundation of your Oreo Pop.


Next take your Pink icing and spread it all over the Oreo cookie.


After your done with the icing, gently dab your Oreo pop into the sprinkles. ( You can also hold the Oreo Pop over your plate; grab a handful of sprinkles and pour it over the iced cookie. )


Make sure you get both sides 🙂


VWALAH!!!! These Oreo Pops are really good!! The more you make the merrier! Enjoy!


I hope that you enjoyed making these sweet treats and hope you tag us in your posts when you make them yourself!!

Happy Early Valentines Day!




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