Page 6 Celebrity Inspiration

I asked the girls to style an outfit based on a celebrity that they get inspiration from daily and the results were amazing!

I think it is a great idea to find your fashion inspiration from you favorite celebrities. It helps motivate you to keep your style up to date. I am all about -Self Confidence- and feel there every girl should love themselves, so if getting inspiration from your fav celeb on a daily basis helps with that then do it girl!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen became ICONS in the early 90’s and 2000’s from the hit TV show Full House which slowly progressed their careers with their own movie series and then making their way into fashion making them an even bigger name for themselves.

Natalie, ( our sporty mixed in with a little boho chic model ) wanted to base her inspiration around Mary-Kate Olsens casual look here:


I really like how Mary-Kate looks like she threw together a few different pieces from her wardrobe and still managed to add a pair of wedges in the mix. I mean does she not look so comfy?


Nat styled our Cast Away Top to perfection. LITERALLY.

Although she didn’t have a pair of wedges to style with the top, it was totally okay considering it had a smaller heel and incorporated every piece of the outfit perfectly.

*These were her very own pair of boots*


So what is Natalie wearing from Page 6?

Cast Away Top – Red

Just Black Distressed Fray Skinny Jeans- Dark Blue

Inner Strength Necklace

Lasso Necklace

Bonnie Bracelet – Lapis

Aztec Directional Bracelet – Black

Garnish Bracelet


“I have looked up to Mary-Kate Olsen since I can remember. She is definitely my celebrity crush when it comes to American Bobo fashion. Yes I just said Bobo! I would describe her look very bohemian chic, with a slight mix of hippy. I enjoyed recreating this relaxed looked because I believe its an outfit every women will have in their closet and be able to relate too. When it comes to mixing patterns and layers just remember to have fun and do what makes you feel pretty.” – Nat



Nicole Richie is another HUGE fashion icon and has style like no other. I love how she put together her outfits making them edgy and chic. Nicole also has her own TV show “CandidlyNicole”.


Courtney is very inspired by Nicole Richie! She knew that she could incorporate this look with ‘Knot Sisters’ from Page 6 minus the beautiful Chanel bag. 😉

Here Courtney styled :

Knot Sisters Fairfax Dress

Spare Change Necklace


I think that combining Black & Brown in an outfit make a perfect color combination year round. Especially when the Brown pieces that you incorporate are your accessories and/or a pair of heels.


You can never go wrong with Black on Black and in Courtney’s celebrity inspiration picture of Nicole Richie, she pulls the ALL Black to perfection.

Courtney styled our Knot Sisters Fairfax Dress with a pair of her own tights and Vince Camuto Heels.  (RIP Vince! :*( We love your work!! )

This dress is so comfortable and can be work dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


She styled this dress with our Spare Change Necklace which became a huge statement piece in the look.

I always suggest the girls to wear a Red or Pink lipstick with a brighter tone and boy does it make the outfit “POP”!

“I love how Nicole Richie perfects her outfits down to the littlest of details. It looks like it’s done with thought, but her look is never over-thought. She pushes the envelope & always has people talking. I love that about Nicole. Her style is bohemian, but like the look I imitated, she pulls off any style with ease. It’s classy & edgy all at the same time. Wearing all black, when done right, has more of a presence than mixing colors. It’s all about the drama.  I added my own spin on the outfit with the brown. Black + brown seems to still be such a faux-pas (especially in the South) but in the right context, can take an outfit to a whole new level!” -Court



Lauren Conrad is one of our favorite style icons at the warehouse. From Laguna Beach to The Hills, Lauren has always made a fashion statement and knew exactly where she wanted to be in the fashion world. She literally can put together any outfit and looks stunning.


Catie Beth also loves Lauren Conrad and wanted her inspiration to come from Laurens closet.


I love how she styled our Ellison Tunic – Olive Green tucked in a pair of our Little Black Lace Shorts. 


When styling two colors together that bring out a “Fall-ish” look, I suggest always staying in the color scheme and in Catie Beths case, adding a pair of Brown heels!

“Honestly, who isn’t in love Lauren Conrad? She has been my style icon as well as role model for years. She has such a classy, fashion-forward look and is always put together from head to toe! In this outfit, although it is more simple, I think that its perfect! It has a professional yet fashionista look to it! I love the color combination and am obsessed with high wasted shorts! Anytime you need outfit inspiration for a more chic look, LC is your girl.” – Catie Beth


Although I am a huge believer in “You can never have too many jewels on” I don’t think that you should wear any jewelry that just becomes “too much” for the outfit AND look that your aiming for. I think it takes away from each statement piece of clothing.



I really enjoyed taking these photos and writing this blog for you all and hope it helped when trying to decide on certain “celebrity looks”. Although we didn’t have every exact piece that each celebrity had, we had something very similar and the outfits ended up looking somewhat better!

Until Next time!




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