DIY: How to Make Flower Crown

Flower Crowns are a beautiful way to express yourself. As a flower child at heart they are my first go to accessory for festivals, family weddings, and outdoor concerts. Flower Crowns seem to be taking the world by storm, and I think it is safe to say they are not going anywhere.  So I’m going to take my own twist on this gorgeous accessory and show my how-to designs for perfecting this gorgeous summer must have.  {Please click image for larger detail} 6

With some patience and the right supplies I was able to create this beautiful piece that will last all summer. Floral Crown Supplies:  I found everything I needed at Michaels 

  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Floral Wire Cutters
  • Greenery {optional}
  • Flowers {Real or Faux}

gg Depending on the color scheme or how big you want the crown to be, you can choose any kind of flower you’d like. And if you want to make a flower crown that will last for more than a few days, you can even use faux flowers like I did.  Instructions: 1. Take a long piece of floral wire and form it into a circle around the circumference of your head {I preferred to make my wire longer, because I used larger flowers} . Cut off excessive wire, and tape the circle shut with floral tape. {I wrapped the floral tape around half of my crown to create greenery} wire1 2. Choose your greens and flowers. You’ll want to start your crown with a layer of pretty greenery that covers the wire, which will act as the base of your crown. Once you have your greenery, your ready to start! 3. It’s time to add your flowers. I chose to work with a pink, and purple color scheme adding in white when needed. To attach each flower to the crown, I cut the flower stems at least 3 inches long {you can cut off excess stems with scissors or wire cutters when product is finished}, using the excess floral tape or wire, wrap the stem of the flower to the crown.  {see photo below} nat This process will take some time, but once you find a secure way to wrap your flowers the process will become easier. 4. Add as many or as little flowers as you’d like. I set a base of light pink roses. As my focal piece then I added a large white Peony with a few pops of bright purple flowers to complete my crown. 1 Kisses, Natalie


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