Chalk Of The Town

Alright, confession time: seeing celebrities like Nicole Richie and Hilary Duff coloring their hair fun blues and purples (and getting away with it) totally makes me want to spice up my blonde locks! However, at the same time I’m way too scared to commit to a permanent new color.

Luckily, I’ve found a little remedy that is inexpensive, works well, and washes out!

H a i r   C h a l k


Things you’ll need to achieve colored hair for the day:

{Pretty in Purple & Electric Blue}


Let’s get colorin’!

I recommend testing a small section of hair on your bottom layer first!

I used Splat Hair Chalk from Ulta Beauty. To get these gorgeous temporary locks, apply the Splat Hair Chalk to dry, styled hair.
*If your hair is any darker than blonde you will need to spray hair with water prior to applying chalk to create a more vibrant pigment!

Next, pick out a piece of hair you want to color and spray it lightly with hair spray.

Hold the chalk compact open with the lid in the palm of your hand; the chalk base should be between your thumb and index finger. Using your thumb, press hair onto chalk base and slide down piece of hair to increase the color intensity.

Re-apply hair spray after chalking to set the color and lightly brush through for a finished look.

**Color may vary for each person.


Have fun my beautiful mermaids!
Kisses, Natalie

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