Dripping in Gold

Recently the ladies at Page 6 warehouse have been doing some spring cleaning. We started painting and sprucing up our old white studio with vibrant colors of summer to help our creativity. To show off our new studio designs, we are going to have a office party and wanted something super simple but impactful for the decorations. So why not “try” to fill the entire ceiling with colorful balloons? Don’t be fooled, just ordinary balloons are not going to make the cut. So to increase their beauty, I painted some pretty metallic brush strokes to random balloons to make the bunch really pop! Some metallic gold and some metallic bronze really made the studio felt like a dream and it was the perfect touch for our party.


All you need is some metallic paint & a brush, balloons, and a helium tank (I choose to take my balloons to Wall-Mart to be blown up). Loosely add paint strokes to the bottom of the balloon after they are blown up. I loved how the paint added the perfect touch, but try not too glob on to much. After the balloons have dried they are ready for celebrating.

DSC_0471  DSC_0428

Remember if you do not like the way it looks, you can always paint it gold.

Kisses, Natalie


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