Patriotic Mason Jars

Summer is nothing without our patriotic Stars and Stripes. I can not think of any better way to celebrate  than to proudly display our flag all summer long. I hope you enjoy recreating this cute flower centerpiece that is sure to last all summer long.


The Basics: I started by painting two mason jars white and one blue using craft store acrylic paint. (White, English Navy, and Flag Red)…


The Stripes: Through trial and error, I found that painters tape will start to peel the white paint off of the jar because it is too sticky. If free handing is not an option for your stripes. I suggest using a flexible tape measure and lightly outline your stripes in pencil. For a second option you could purchase Wishy Washi Tap. Make sure if you do decided to use tape, that you do not leave it on your jars for too long. Once your stripes are to your liking, touch up the remanding white stripes with a paintbrush.

The Stars: If you are not able to make a homemade star stamp or do not own stencils, I suggest free handing the starts with a metallic sharpie. I enjoyed making all the stars different sizes. With a smaller paintbrush touchup and fill in the the stars in white to create a more homemade and “vintage” look.

Display: To finish the patriotic jars I filled them half way with water and added some beautiful freshly cut white flowers. I loved how some of the paint was naturally chipping off. It gave my mason jars a very beautiful rustic look.

Voilà! You have a great centerpiece to enjoy all summer.


Kisses, Natalie


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